Ten Ways to Bring Down the Machine

Session 3, A Tower of Power, baby
How the universe goes 'round

The player characters decided to check out Rizahn’s Tower. They found a homunculus named Wesley and took possession of the tower, resolved to treat it as a new base of operations.

Loot list, session 2

A mithril shirt
mnemonic robes found in Rizahn’s wardrobe goes to Merra
Belt of Giant Strength +2 goes to Hematite
Mwk dragonhide shield, and dragon’s tooth dagger, acts as a holy symbol of Thane when wielded together.
Amulet of natural armor +1 goes to Merra
A +1 Greatsword dedicated to Thane goes to Zimbabwe
+1 studded leather embossed with an ocean pattern, dedicated to Levia goes to.

Second Session
Back in Drog-Therun

The player-characters have returned to Drog-Therun, and on the elevator down saw three Caliphates entering the Yellow Palace.

First Session
The Sphinx "Badu" and the Origin of the Dunewalkers

I’m very excited.


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