Their are several deities in Gilderoy and Kempt, and many of the deities are worshipped by several names.

Levia — The whale-god of the Khoral

Thane, the Dragon-Slayer, Malikath, the Dragon, and Irabeth, the Woman — Deities based around a three-character story told in a variety of perspectives, each one represented in a different way each time. Important to the Rundeen culture.

Ra, Horus — The Kempt sun god, and the first Pharaoh, respectively.

Totem Animism, including The Frog-Totem/God) — ascribing humanistic characteristics to natural mater, and to a lesser extent phenomena. Diometrically opposed by Metaphysical Spiritualism.

Selverene — The sophisticated elven society worshiped by the Seen as angelic beings and divine messengers.


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