Rizahn's Tower

Rizahn’s Tower was the home and labratory of the ancient blue-dragon, Rizahnanthraxsis. The tower is actually an extra-dimensional space tethered to the world by five portals. Its been abandoned for months, and now that a band of adventurers have broken in and convinced the dragon’s homunculus majordomo Wesley to work for them.

The Ground Floor Astrolabe

The primary function of the tower is as a powerful extra-dimensional transport device. Wesley detailed the five mile-long mithril needles implanted in the earth as anchors for the tower to teleport between. Where these anchors are, Wesley isn’t certain, but he knows one is near the dwarven city of Drog-Therun in Kempt (its current location), one is at the Yggaril mountains, in a town called Drafton. He’s not certain of the other three.

The primary controls of the tower is a complicated astrological model of the solar system made of light metals, likely mithril and other alloys. The Astrolabe has been damaged, by Wesley believes he can repair it with time.

The Grand Library

Rizahnanthraxsis was a powerful wizard, and had a vast library. The most valuable of the books were penned by the dragon himself, however, Rizahn was very secretive, and kept all his notes under a complicated cypher; it will take a lot of study for a competent wizard to understand. Wesley feels confident that, with the party’s permission, he can begin translating the wizard’s secrets.

Rizahnanthraxsis loved the history of mankind, its kingdoms, dwarves and elves. He has many books on ancient history, but their kept in horrible disorder. It would take time to look up any specific subject; a task Wesley would reluctantly perform, if asked.

Rizahnanthraxsis also had a laboratory, which had apparently been used to study small black worms known as Cryptfed Worms. It seems apparent that Rizahnanthraxsis was obsessed with curing the phage that the worms infected their victims with. Margin-notes detail his plan to build another body using the Iron-Heart in Yggaril. His more recent notes seem more and more frenetic, and detached from reality.

The Observatory

Partially projecting into an infinite night-sky filled with stars, atmosphere is kept under the open roof of the tower by a magical field. A beautifully wrought telescope hovers magically over a pool of reflective waters. This is a powerful scrying device, used to watch terrestrial and extraterrestrial events. A spell-caster powerful enough to cast a divination spell will have the effects of the spell enhanced while using these devices.

Each of the six bedrooms rooms is very comfortable. All the needs of the guests are met by unseen servants. Sheets changed, food served, and dust swept away by the room itself.

Rizahn's Tower

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